Emergency information

If you are in a situation where you find yourself incapable of voicing your own words someone else may call ID Angel's phone number engraved on your bracelet. Our IVR will then ask for the code also located on your bracelet.

What is Included

  • Engraved bracelet or (4)QRCode labels
  • Direct access to Profile with your own internet address
  • We speak for you, if selected
  • Control over public and private information
  • Discount with our affiliates
  • Lost & Found help within our customer base

  • Learn more

    Emergency information | Learn about the process of an ID Angel bracelet

  • You are unable to speak

  • You have ID Angel on your wrist

  • Someone calls 1(844) 2 ID Angel and types your code

  • Our Automated attendant will say what you have on your online profile

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